Adopting an Older Friend

Older Dog

When people go out to get a new pet, the idea of getting a new puppy seems like a great one because it is smaller and will most likely live longer. It is a cute factor that new owners are looking for, and older dogs cannot compete with a much younger dog. But like the pups, senior dogs need a kind and loving home just as much as anyone, which is why it is important to consider adopting an older dog. Cesar Millan and Cesar’s Way Inc. gives pet owners 7 reasons why adopting older dogs can be beneficial for not only the Dog themselves, but the owners as well!

  • Senior dogs in animal shelters need homes just as much as a young pup.

Most older dogs have already been in a loving household, but for some reason they could not be kept in the house and were surrendered to a shelter. Giving them a chance can make a world of difference in their life.

  • Adopting an older dog can save its life.

When you adopt a senior dog from a shelter, you may not realize that you are saving them from being put down.  Older dogs are some of the first to be euthanized in animal shelters if they are not adopted quickly.

  • Older does not mean trouble maker.

Most of these dogs are brought to the shelters for many reasons, and just because they are there does not mean that they are problem dogs. Usually the behavior of a dog has no tie to the reason why they are in a shelter.

  • They usually come with some basic training and command understanding.

Older dogs are more likely to come potty-trained and understand basic commands other dog owners take weeks to get their new pups to learn. This will save you a lot of time that would have been used in training a younger pup.

  • They can still be taught new tricks.

With a much higher attention span than younger dogs, it will be easier for them to be taught new tricks.

  • Seniors are calmer than the younger ones.

It’s pretty hard to disagree with the fact that smaller dogs are pack with energy. These seniors have established who they are, thus making it easy to gauge how they will fit in your household. Being and older dog, most of their destructive energy is out of their system, which means your home is less likely to be damaged during their stay.

  • Older dogs become instants friends.

These dogs already know what is up and are loyal till the end. They most likely don’t need leash training and will be ready to go on walks with you anywhere you go. Even in the house, they are by your side through thick and thin.

Give senior dogs a chance, because we are their only chance at having a happy life. If you are a senior dog owner, you are already ahead of the game. Spread the word about Senior dogs and hopefully we can give all dogs a warm home and a human to call their best friend

Source: Pajer, Nicole. "7 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog." Cesar's Way. Cesar's Way Inc, 21 Sept. 2016. Web. 24 Feb. 2017.

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