Welcome to the New Push Pushi Website!

Welcome to the BRAND NEW PushPushi.com! We have been hard at work renovating our website to give it a brand new look with a simple, yet modern style. We have made shopping around the site a little easier by having a quick navigation bar to make it im-paw-ssible to get lost and find all the pawsome gear you will need to take those rainy days head on!

In the blog, we will keep you guys updated on all of the events that we will be attending like the Retails and Sales Pet Expo in New York later in May. One thing that most dog lovers like to do is find new ways to take care of their best friends, which can be done by checking in on our website for tips and trick we think you and your pups will enjoy.

To bring all of our new friends up to date, here is where we have been so far:

Push Pushi on the Today Show

We have been featured and presented on the Today Show after our visit to the 10th Annual Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida. Reporter Jill Rappaport returns from the expo with an assortment of products that she deemed “Practical Genius”. Watch the clip here.

Meredith Viera has also featured us in her “Winterize Your Pet” segment in 2014 where she portrays apparel all dogs need to take on the winter. Click here to see us in action!


In 2014, the Push Pushi Raincoat was given the Family Choice Award for its durability and prevention of sight and hearing obstruction.

Push Pushi has also made appearances in a number of magazines and news articles including Vanity Pets, The New York Times, Modern Dog Magazine and Vet Street. We are expanding our horizons and are glad that you have joined along in this journey. We hope you enjoy our product and remember, DON’T LET YOUR PET GET WET!

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